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Posting Date: 07/03/2017
 Details   Shipper Name   DUNS Number   Affiliate of Shipper   Rate Sched   Contract No.   Effective Date   Expiration Date   Evergreen Days   Negotiated Rate   MDQ MMBtu   Contract Footnote   Agent Name/Asset Mgr   Affiliate of Agent   Agent Footnote 
Details Agave Energy Company938237294N  FT1FT3G5000                      01/01/201612/31/2017 N  45,000                       
Details Anadarko Energy Services Company199116823N  FT1FT3GQ000                      08/01/201607/31/2021 Y  50,000                       
Details Apache Corporation006961551N  FT1FT3J7000                      06/01/201705/31/2020 N  40,816                       
Details Apache Corporation006961551N  FT1FT36Y000                      08/01/201207/31/2017 N  23,000                       
Details Apache Corporation006961551N  FT1FT2YD000                      05/01/201004/30/2018 N  10                       
Details Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc.008399263N  FT297VV                          09/01/199108/31/2013365N  1,638X1                  Chevron U.S.A. Inc.N   
Details Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.068397876N  FT1FT3EH000                      04/01/201510/31/2024 Y  9,192                    ACES Power Marketing, LLCN   
Details Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.068397876N  FT1FT3EJ000                      04/01/201510/31/2024 Y  8,265                    ACES Power Marketing, LLCN   
Details Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.068397876N  FTH12H222V000                      04/01/201510/31/2024 Y  7,424                    ACES Power Marketing, LLC; EDF Trading North America, LLCN ; N   
Details Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.068397876N  FTH8H822F000                      04/01/201510/31/2024 Y  8,553                    ACES Power Marketing, LLC; EDF Trading North America, LLCN ; N   
Details Arizona Public Service Company006901995N  FT1FT39D000                      06/01/201312/31/2019 Y  100,742                       
Details Arizona Public Service Company006901995N  FT1FT39E000                      06/01/201312/31/2019 Y  24,375                       
Details Arizona Public Service Company006901995N  FT1FT39H000                      06/01/201312/31/2024 Y  31,500                       
Details Arizona Public Service Company006901995N  FT1FT3HX000                      05/01/201712/31/2024 Y  99,994                       
Details Arizona Public Service Company006901995N  FTH8H822E000                      06/01/201312/31/2023 Y  30,500                       
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X1 Full Requirements service not to exceed 10,000 Dth/d.