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Critical Notices - Detail
TSP Name:  Mojave Pipeline Company,L.L.C
TSP:  62-036-5619
Notice ID:  940
Critical:  C
Notice Type Desc:  Maintenance
Notice Stat Desc:  Initiate
Subject:  Preliminary Notice of May 2017 Maintenance (940)
Prior Notice:  
Notice Eff Date:  04/19/2017
Notice Eff Time:  12:53:06 PM
Reqrd Rsp Desc:  No response required.
Post Date:  04/19/2017
Post Time:  12:53:06 PM

Notice Text

Mojave Pipeline Company
Preliminary Notice of May 2017 Maintenance
April 19, 2017

The following is the current projection of maintenance that will occur on the
Mojave Pipeline Company pipeline during the month of May. If these scheduled
 activities change, updated notices will be posted as soon as possible. 

Mojave Unit(s) 2 & 3 mechanical repair; May 9 thru May 12
Mojave Unit(s) 1, 2 and 3 shut down checks; May 16 thru May 18
Mojave Station DOT/ESD Test; May 23

From an estimated base capacity of 460 MDthd at TOPOCKM (EPMOJAVE), the
 estimated capacity reductions are as follows:
					Reduction	Net
					MDthd		MDthd
May 9 thru May 12			77		383
May 16 thru May 18			77		383
May 23					230		230
For scheduling questions, please call your Scheduling Representative at

For operational information, call Dan English (719)520-4722
For capacity information, call Vic Villalva at (719)520-4251

For press inquiries, please call Media Relations at (713) 420-6828