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ICE Day Ahead Index - EP-PermianY12/31/2049
ICE Day Ahead Index - EP-SJ BlancoY12/31/2049
ICE Day Ahead Index - EP-SJ BondadY12/31/2049
ICE Day Ahead Index - EP-WahaY12/31/2049
ICE Day Ahead Index - SoCal BorderY12/31/2049
NGI Daily El Paso Bondad AverageY03/19/2018
NGI Daily El Paso Permian MidpointY03/19/2018
NGI Daily El Paso non-Bondad AverageY03/19/2018
NGI Daily Henry Hub AverageY03/19/2018
NGI Daily Southern California Bdr. AverageY03/19/2018
NGI Daily Waha AverageY03/19/2018
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